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Doubles-Player Rankings

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The database contains 1409 players (343 of which have played in a double tournament so far) from 19 countries.
It is based on 808 tournaments where a total of 23052 Games have been played. Please refer to the FAQ for further informations.

Click on the name of a player or country to view the corresponding statistic.

 Rank  Name  Country  Games  ELO-score 
1Dave HandleyGreat Britain742029
2Dave RuddockGreat Britain641948
3Nik SharpGreat Britain661912
4Bruce BrownGreat Britain401881
5Ian StewartGreat Britain421838
6Bob AmeyGreat Britain961831
7Graham EvansGreat Britain281816
8Terry ShawGreat Britain361812
9Phil PowellGreat Britain651811
10Keith Martin-SmithGreat Britain281804
11David EltringhamGreat Britain321799
12Damien RanasingheGreat Britain441782
13James HamiltonGreat Britain921771
14Richard CollinsGreat Britain321757
15Andy EllisGreat Britain741756
16Richard Bodley-ScottGreat Britain481755
17Paul JohnstonGreat Britain261734
17Martin WilkinsonGreat Britain441734
19Paul CumminsGreat Britain241731
19Simon HallGreat Britain121731
21Peter ButlerGreat Britain281726
22Jon ThatcherGreat Britain301723
23Kevin JohnsonGreat Britain531722
24Alaistair MooreGreat Britain381718
25David FairhurstGreat Britain641715
25Steve HackerGreat Britain241715
25Don McHughGreat Britain241715
28Roger GreenwoodGreat Britain801708
29Wayne DareGreat Britain121697
30Tim PorterGreat Britain281695
31Graham BriggsGreat Britain161693
32Steve MurtonGreat Britain121691
33Peter DalbyGreat Britain121690
33Lance FlintGreat Britain121690
33Antony RobinsonGreat Britain321690
33Graham WillmottBelgium201690
37Ric DaveyGreat Britain161689
38Robert TaylorGreat Britain281687
39Paul StovellGreat Britain81680
40Marc CrotteauUnited States of America91678
40Paul LongmoreGreat Britain181678
42Richard ButlerGreat Britain181677
43Nik GaukrogerGreat Britain361676
44Mathew PooleGreat Britain81673
45Matthew IversonUnited States of America61670
46Glenn HarrisonGreat Britain201667
47Brian HolmesGreat Britain161666
47Peter ReillyGreat Britain221666
49John HoganGreat Britain161665
50Jon HouchinGreat Britain201663
51Paul DawsonGreat Britain121661
52Steve TaylorGreat Britain161659
53Lynda FairhurstGreat Britain641657
53James GibsonGreat Britain61657
53Ian MacKayGreat Britain281657
56Steve TelfordGreat Britain101656
57John MedhurstGreat Britain41653
58Darren RobertsGreat Britain41652
58Steve TannerGreat Britain81652
60Leslie MitchellGreat Britain321649
61Eric ShinnUnited States of America61643
62Andy BascombeGreat Britain161642
63Martin BuxtonGreat Britain401641
63Matt HeppeUnited States of America31641
63Sylvie MillsGreat Britain481641
63Ian SpeedGreat Britain481641
67Dan HazelwoodUnited States of America31640
67Steve RoyleGreat Britain231640
67Ethan ZorickUnited States of America31640
70Wayne CharltonGreat Britain221638
71Hunter HopeGreat Britain71636
72Paul GeorgianUnited States of America31635
72John MunroGreat Britain31635
72Brian O DeaGreat Britain121635
72Chris RichardsGreat Britain41635
72Lee SandersGreat Britain241635
77Eric DomanGreat Britain101634
78Alastair HarleyGreat Britain121632
79Justin KeeleyGreat Britain141629
79Bob RiouxUnited States of America31629
81Paddy BrayGreat Britain81627
81Steve TusonGreat Britain201627
83Wes AideGreat Britain41626
83Greg BarksUnited States of America31626
83David BoorUnited States of America31626
83Alan CutnerGreat Britain241626
83Peter TownsendGreat Britain41626
83Andy WhitbyGreat Britain161626
89Adrian BallGreat Britain121625
89Andy ClaxtonGreat Britain241625
91Ben JonesGreat Britain201624
92Eric JonssonGreat Britain121623
92Jonathan SmithGreat Britain21623
94Graham FinneyGreat Britain41622
94Dave MutterGreat Britain41622
94David RedheadGreat Britain441622
97Chris AgerGreat Britain521621
97Paul OwenGreat Britain41621
99Thomas Bodley-ScottGreat Britain161619
99David ElksGreat Britain241619
101David CutnerGreat Britain161618
101Michele MinettGreat Britain81618
103Andy BarclayGreat Britain41617
104Gordon JamiesonGreat Britain361616
105David BannisterGreat Britain161615
105Kevin FisherGreat Britain41615
107Andrew KinnieUnited States of America61614
107Ian McNeilGreat Britain41614
107Rick WiestUnited States of America61614
110Dan P. IbeqweGreat Britain21613
111Clive VaughanGreat Britain81611
112Jay MercerGreat Britain121610
113Richard Jeffrey-CookGreat Britain41609
113Marc LunnGreat Britain121609
113Richard MalpasGreat Britain121609
113Adam WorsdaleGreat Britain121609
117Jim CopelandGreat Britain41607
117Iain McIntoshGreat Britain41607
119Rob CowanGreat Britain41606
119Jeff DanielsGreat Britain21606
119Stephen FinnGreat Britain41606
119Phil GilesGreat Britain41606
119John MuirGreat Britain81606
119Andrew MuirGreat Britain81606
119Steve PearceGreat Britain81606
119Dave PuttGreat Britain41606
119Kevin ShilitoGreat Britain81606
128Derek BruceGreat Britain41605
128Ray DugginsGreat Britain121605
128Paul FreemanGreat Britain281605
128Neil SmithGreat Britain81605
128Phil SteeleGreat Britain601605
128Richard YoungGreat Britain81605
134Conrad BlackGreat Britain21603
135Theo AbbottGreat Britain41602
135Harvey HarmonUnited States of America91602
135Clive HollandGreat Britain181602
135David LambUnited States of America31602
135Jim McLaughlinGreat Britain41602
135Paul RobinsonGreat Britain41602
135Jim TobinUnited States of America31602
135Danny WeitzUnited States of America91602
143George DickGreat Britain41601
143Warren ThompsonGreat Britain201601
145David Michael AllenGreat Britain81600
145Mike ButlerNew Zealand41600
145Peter GregoryGreat Britain241600
145Martin HayesGreat Britain121600
145Rob HornGreat Britain41600
145Adrian SteerGreat Britain241600
151Lee FisherGreat Britain41599
151Dene GreenGreat Britain221599
151James PhillipsGreat Britain81599
151Steve PhillipsGreat Britain41599
155John CalvertGreat Britain41598
155Mark PoveyGreat Britain41598
155Martyn SimpsonGreat Britain121598
158Martin GossageGreat Britain81597
158Alan HuytonGreat Britain81597
158Phil MurfinGreat Britain121597
158Neil Sydney-SmithGreat Britain41597
162Clive DudleyGreat Britain41596
162Jayne MartinGreat Britain61596
162John OrangeGreat Britain41596
165Andy DallmanGreat Britain41595
165John GlanvilGreat Britain41595
165Philip WilkinsonGreat Britain181595
168Chris ThornGreat Britain341594
169Robert AshleyGreat Britain41593
169Phillip AshworthGreat Britain61593
169Warren GleesonGreat Britain41593
169Paul LawsonGreat Britain41593
169Mark LewisGreat Britain61593
169Dino MonticoliGreat Britain281593
175David BentlyUnited States of America31592
175Mags DuncanGreat Britain81592
175Aubrey HopkinsUnited States of America31592
175Simon LeRay-MeyerAustralia41592
175Mathew MartinGreat Britain371592
180David SpencerGreat Britain41591
181David EdwardsGreat Britain41590
181Andy ShepherdGreat Britain81590
181Steve WiltshireGreat Britain41590
184Tim CuthillGreat Britain121589
185Andy DaviesGreat Britain41588
185Andrew MartinGreat Britain431588
185James ParkerGreat Britain41588
185Steve PriceGreat Britain41588
185Owen ThomasGreat Britain41588
185Andy UnwinGreat Britain41588
185Nathan WilputteBelgium41588
185Jacques WilputteBelgium41588
193David BurndGreat Britain41587
193Tom FitzpatrickGreat Britain41587
193Steve HammondGreat Britain41587
193Charles MasefieldGreat Britain41587
197Stephen BailleGreat Britain71586
197Mark BumalaUnited States of America31586
197Patrick DaleGreat Britain101586
197Eric ThomsonGreat Britain71586
197Paul WoolertonUnited States of America31586
202Kevin EllisGreat Britain241585
202Mike KelleyUnited States of America31585
202Jon PhippsGreat Britain201585
202David RayUnited States of America31585
202Tim WattsGreat Britain61585
207Craig AllenGreat Britain41584
207Stuart BruceGreat Britain41584
207Andy CummingsGreat Britain41584
207Walt LeachUnited States of America31584
207Kevin SwansonUnited States of America31584
207Derek WhittenburyGreat Britain41584
213John SkeltonGreat Britain41583
214Conrad EarlGreat Britain151582
214Dave HughesGreat Britain41582
216Mike BaldwinGreat Britain81581
216Neil Sydney-SmithGreat Britain41581
218Adrian BirdGreat Britain81580
218Graeme CarrollGreat Britain41580
218Pete JamesGreat Britain41580
221Mark ClarkeGreat Britain121578
221Dave HutchbyGreat Britain161578
221Oliver HuttGreat Britain41578
221John MumfordGreat Britain81578
221David ParishGreat Britain81578
221Alan ProctorGreat Britain101578
221David WestonGreat Britain41578
228Simon ClarkeGreat Britain321577
228Paul CrozierGreat Britain261577
228Andy HallGreat Britain41577
228John HoylandGreat Britain41577
232Paul BurtonGreat Britain41576
232John DennisGreat Britain41576
234Stephen ClarkeGreat Britain281575
235Richard BasonGreat Britain81574
235Nick FrenchGreat Britain21574
235Thom RichardsonGreat Britain41574
238Rich LoveGreat Britain121573
238Jon MartinGreat Britain41573
240Colin BettsGreat Britain361572
240Kevin LargeGreat Britain41572
240Andy RourkeGreat Britain41572
243Andy McCaffertyGreat Britain41571
243Dan McLaughlinGreat Britain81571
243Ade NashGreat Britain81571
246Samantha RoskellGreat Britain81570
246Dave SellersGreat Britain121570
248Stuart HuntGreat Britain21568
248Andy ScottGreat Britain41568
248Derek StoneGreat Britain41568
251Neil GrantGreat Britain41567
251Simon GreenGreat Britain201567
251Mott McCampbellUnited States of America31567
251Bill McCampbellUnited States of America31567
251David MuirGreat Britain41567
256Dave AllenGreat Britain281566
257Andy McKayGreat Britain721565
257Harrison PearceGreat Britain201565
257Darrell PearceGreat Britain201565
260David BeattyUnited States of America31564
261Andy ClarkGreat Britain81563
261Malcolm GordonGreat Britain41563
261Steven HardyGreat Britain41563
261Nick HewittGreat Britain121563
261Robert MedcraftGreat Britain441563
261John SoperGreat Britain81563
267Stuart BrothertonGreat Britain41562
267Dave MadiganGreat Britain41562
267Kieron SmithGreat Britain41562
270Neil HowardGreat Britain181561
271Richard JeffreyNew Zealand81559
271Paul WestmoreGreat Britain281559
273Ian WilsonGreat Britain121558
274Rob BirdGreat Britain41557
274Paul NettleGreat Britain41557
274Jack StartinGreat Britain41557
277Roman DrezewskiGreat Britain81556
278Keith PullenGreat Britain41555
278Mike UlrichGreat Britain41555
280Michael BlakeGreat Britain41554
280Chris LewisGreat Britain41554
282Peter CrossGreat Britain41551
282David JohnsonGreat Britain41551
282Jim SimpsonGreat Britain41551
285Stephen CallahanUnited States of America31549
285Joseph DiCamilloUnited States of America31549
285Joe RicherUnited States of America31549
285Ken WinlandUnited States of America31549
289David BaynhamGreat Britain81548
289Peter DavisGreat Britain81548
289David DietrichUnited States of America91548
289Roger RandellGreat Britain281548
293Roger DraperGreat Britain81547
294Chris FinneganGreat Britain61544
295Mike BradfordGreat Britain81542
295Jason DawsonGreat Britain241542
297Mike GossGreat Britain321541
298Duncan ThompsonGreat Britain81540
299Brian MitchellGreat Britain101539
300Mark BonserGreat Britain41538
301Nick StandenGreat Britain81536
301Matt StandenGreat Britain81536
301Chris TongeGreat Britain121536
304Jon AkersGreat Britain321535
304Steve CaffreyGreat Britain41535
306Graham RobertsGreat Britain101534
306Graham WilliamsGreat Britain101534
308Stuart IvinsonGreat Britain41533
309Dave HoeyGreat Britain341532
310Lynette MaximGreat Britain201528
311Paul GreenwoodGreat Britain121527
312Stuart WilsonGreat Britain81526
313Tony RodwellGreat Britain81525
314Robert PooleyGreat Britain41524
315Graham HutchinsonGreat Britain101521
315Martin StephensonGreat Britain101521
317Dave SaundersGreat Britain281518
318Jenn KlakaGreat Britain121517
318Mike KlakaGreat Britain121517
320Peter CardGreat Britain121511
320Nigel EmsenGreat Britain81511
322Gareth LewisGreat Britain121507
323Dave FinneganGreat Britain141506
324Byron EmsenGreat Britain81505
325Robert MiddlemistGreat Britain121503
326Ian DyerGreat Britain41498
326Anthony GascoigneGreat Britain41498
326Nigel PhilipsGreat Britain321498
329David MorrisonGreat Britain401496
330Chris ProudfootGreat Britain141486
331John PatrickGreat Britain461483
332Mike HoodGreat Britain431479
333Neil DuffellGreat Britain411476
334Steve HoltGreat Britain121466
335Colin MarsdenGreat Britain281464
336Guy HunterGreat Britain81459
336Stewart JohnsonGreat Britain121459
338Peter AlexanderGreat Britain161455
338Rob McKayGreat Britain161455
340Alan ColeGreat Britain401308
341Martin RouthGreat Britain361294
341Andy WallaceGreat Britain361294
343Paul CarterGreat Britain461293

All players start with 1600 Points. Depending on his or her results and the opponents skill (i.e. ELO-score) this score then raises or falls. Please refer to the FAQ for further details.