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Details for Player Robert Cordner country flag

 Current ELO-score 
 1619 Points 
 Single Medals 
 Gold  Silver  Bronze 
0 0 1

Robert Cordner is from New Zealand and played 15 single and 0 double games that went into his scores.

Results by tournament

Call to Arms 2010 (NZL) - 2010-08-14 (click here for details)
Robert Cordner achieved 69 points, over 5 rounds, with Principate Roman, claiming place 3 among 6 competitors.

NatCon 2010 (NZL) - 2010-04-24 (click here for details)
Robert Cordner achieved 56 points, over 6 rounds, with Late Republican Roman, claiming place 9 among 12 competitors.

Strategos 2009 (NZL) - 2009-07-25 (click here for details)
Robert Cordner achieved 54 points, over 4 rounds, with Ordonnance French, claiming place 5 among 10 competitors.

ELO-History for Robert Cordner

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