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The database contains 1408 players from 19 countries and is based on 804 tournaments where a total of 22956 Games have been played. Please refer to the FAQ for further informations.

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 Rank  Name  Country  Games  ELO-score 
1Ferdi AkaltinGermany2032301
2Guy DaubagnanFrance802088
3Frederic DufourFrance1662074
4Peter DalbyGreat Britain1582072
5Graham BriggsGreat Britain1721977
6David FairhurstGreat Britain2381974
7Terry ShawGreat Britain951968
8Thomas PetersGermany2601941
9Paul JohnstonGreat Britain1201934
9David BannisterGreat Britain1121934
11Dave RuddockGreat Britain2551919
12Phil PowellGreat Britain2301890
13Paul BartlettGreat Britain411877
14Sven DittmarGermany1181864
15Richard Jeffrey-CookGreat Britain2001859
16Anthony LeroyFrance1201858
17Alex PauschGermany941851
18Franck CieurFrance1041840
19Stefan LiedtkeGermany981839
19Martin WirtGermany3301839
21Klaus SchütteGermany1011834
22Guillaume FrémontFrance1281833
23Jacques WilputteBelgium1561800
24Patrick GehmGermany381772
25Bruno MassonFrance421764
26Alan CutnerGreat Britain1121739
27Sebastian RauGermany1361731
28Jacques DestremeauFrance1281721
29Pablo Suárez CortésSpain691707
30Frank BauerGermany841699
31Harald RottensteinerAustria861696
32Christopher ErnstGermany1071681
33Steve BrownGreat Britain721678
34Sebastian SteudtnerGermany911674
35Martyn SimpsonGreat Britain961667
36Gilles WielgoszFrance2151664
37Alexandre ColteFrance1061642
38Jean Luc Van LooBelgium1131638
39Eric LajusFrance1741614
40Andreas RheinbayGermany1771604
41Bodo ListnerGermany2031603
42Tom StraubingerGermany41600
43Herve RamonetFrance1111596
44Roger PitfieldGreat Britain81594
45Eric TheissenBelgium611590
46Dirk EichelbergGermany41589
47Martin EspichGermany41582
48Steve MurtonGreat Britain1111579
49Derek BartlettGreat Britain331574
50Ulrich GöppelGermany371571
51Michael SchmidtGermany1081566
52Rüdiger ZanderGermany151564
53Karol SorbySlovakia281563
54Dominik BreilingerGermany41536
55Karl-Heinz RanitzschGermany81535
56Dominik BraunGermany301526
57Holger PuttkammerGermany961523
57Julian RolingGermany321523
59Sacha EggertAustria301520
60Rob WalkerAustralia361517
61Simon LenzGermany121516
61Tim BlankenhornGermany1421516
63Jean Marie LabardinFrance801515
64Steffen SchröderGermany321489
65Xavier PironFrance2341485
66Jürgen ProchaskaAustria821479
67Lynda FairhurstGreat Britain2521476
67Ralf SteinGermany191476
69Christos PapazarisGreece401472
70Manfred BackhausGermany651465
71Didier RobertFrance1701463
72Denis MercierFrance1081451
73Christian BielskiGermany411448
74Reinhard BihlerGermany391444
75Andreas GrunwaldGermany681441
76Gero StrandGermany571435
77Tobias ListnerGermany201401
78Godfroy PirardBelgium241338
79Roland PirardBelgium851269
80Peter CardGreat Britain1591249

All players start with 1600 Points. Depending on his or her results and the opponents skill (i.e. ELO-score) this score then raises or falls. Please refer to the FAQ for further details.