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German Open 2017 - DEU

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2017-03-04

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  5  1  2  3  4  5 
11Ferdi AkaltinLater Macedonian217184DNP25.024.223.525.00.097.7
22Alex PauschGhaznavid1612DNP10722.518.30.022.521.785
33Sebastian RauLater Seleucid17DNP6161116.40.010.721.423.672.1
44Klaus SchütteLater Mycanaean or Trojan148DNP11216.724.
55Bruno MassonWarring States to Western Han Chinese156DNP131013.
66Martin WirtLater SeleucidDNP5317130.06.09.317.122.154.5
77Paul JohnstonEarly Plantagenet English181DNP15225.
88Stefan LiedtkeLate Heian to Muromachi Japanese134DNP91421.
99Andreas RheinbayMedieval German City Leagues1017DNP8166.914.
1010Sven DittmarLater Medieval Danish919DNP2513.
1111Christian BielskiAncient Spanish1918DNP1236.825.
1212Michael SchmidtWar of the Roses English202DNP11425.
1313Bodo ListnerWarring States to Western Han Chinese821DNP563.825.
1414Roger PitfieldPrincipate Roman415DNP1983.
1515Thomas PetersYuan Chinese514DNP7176.915.
1616Holger PuttkammerLydian220DNP392.524.
1717Xavier PironLater Macedonian39DNP6158.
1818Tim BlankenhornMongol Invasion711120DNP0.00.01.520.00.021.5
1919Andreas GrunwaldLate Republican Roman1110DNP142013.
2020Tobias ListnerLater Crusader1216DNP18190.
2121Manfred BackhausBosporan113DNPDNPDNP0.
UmpireThomas Peters
UmpireMartin Wirt