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Godendag 2010 - Empires of the Dragon - GBR

Empires of the Dragon

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2010-01-23

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4 
11Tim Porter
Brian Holmes
Koryo Korean6144724.
22Andy Claxton
Steve Taylor
Mongol Conquest10981514.
33Lance Flint
Peter Dalby
Western Wei to Early Tang Chinese20451318.
44Ian Stewart
Jon Houchin
Kushan or Indo-Skythian2231919.
55Steve Hacker
Don McHugh
Seljuk Turk12183149.
66Simon Green
Simon Clarke
Early Zhou Chinese11116201.
77James Hamilton
Phil Powell
Koryo Korean211314121.
78Robert Medcraft
Peter Townsend
Western Wei to Early Tang Chinese9192106.
99Dave RuddockEarly Horse Nomad8217414.
1010Ric Davey
Steve Tanner
Seljuk Turk2221386.
1111Mark Clarke
Dino Monticoli
Three Kingdoms, Western Jin and Southern Dynasties Chinese14622210.
1212Gordon Jamieson
Ian MacKay
Later Hindu North Indian520151611.
1313Richard Bodley-Scott
Thomas Bodley-Scott
Xi Xia17710322.
1414David Fairhurst
Lynda Fairhurst
Later Hindu North Indian1117525.
1415Andy Whitby
Brian O Dea
Mongol Conquest181612213.
1616Paul Freeman
Dene Green
Later Hindu North Indian191561213.
1717Peter Gregory
Jon Phipps
Western Wei to Early Tang Chinese13219193.
1818Paul Johnston
Dave Saunders
Later Hindu North Indian15519227.
1919Ian Speed
Sylvie Mills
Ming Chinese16818177.
2020John PatrickTimurid, Black Sheep Turcoman or White Sheep Turcoman3122167.
2121David MorrisonJin71720114.
2222Lynette MaximLate Heian to Muromachi Japanese41011186.