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BritCon 2011 - 15mm - Rise and Fall of Chivalry - GBR

any list from any book dated 1039AD to 1500AD

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2011-08-12

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  5  6  1  2  3  4  5  6 
11Neil HowardLater Hungarian62312149132.
22Peter DalbyLater Hungarian12131654322.
33Olivier DaderTlaxcalan Confederacy149465225.
44Paul JohnstonLater Lithuanian21253132521.
45Robert TaylorLater Ottoman Turkish226823424.
66Keith Martin-SmithTatar1518313923.
77Hugh CameronMedieval Castilian2417251612118.
88Eric ThomsonLater Hungarian1715512201813.
99Salvador Senabre JuncosaCatalan Company10311151625.
1010Paul DawsonLater Ottoman Turkish914232522120.
1111Paul Brandon100 Years War English (Continental)15249181677.
1212Lynda FairhurstMedieval Indonesian or Malay221187103.
1213Ivan MonederoCatalan Company1922246123.
1414Dave SaundersLater Sicilian31021124150.
1515Jon AkersLatin Greece118209181413.
1616Bob AmeyOrdonnance French261827111725.
1717Rich LoveFree Company87242221167.
1818Paul RobinsonMedieval German City Leagues201661115825.
1919Ross McDonaldTatar1322262325212.
2020Lewis CooperLater Medieval German182615248250.
2121Roger GreenwoodWar of the Roses English412142617194.
2222Gordon JamiesonMamluk Egyptian519131710231.
2323Trevor CooperSeljuk Turk251101926223.
2424Kevin EllisSwiss7111720142612.
2525Peter CardEarly Teutonic Knights234710192017.
2626Gareth LewisMedieval Welsh1620192123240.
UmpireNik Gaukroger
UmpireJames Hamilton