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BritCon 2012 - 15mm - Medieval - GBR

after 1066 AD

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2012-08-10

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  5  6  1  2  3  4  5  6 
11Matthew IversonOrdonnance French1621794225.
22Olivier DaderMamluk Egyptian41424271219.
33Guillaume FrémontLater Hungarian728271417105.
44Peter DalbyMoldavian or Wallachian219571616.
55David FairhurstLater Anglo-Irish26154116722.
66Dave HandleyMiddle Hungarian81126215422.
67Dave RuddockLater Hungarian3121411520.
88Ian StewartOrdonnance French6DNP321930123.
99Peter ReillyMamluk Egyptian1418301151612.
1010Robert TaylorLater Ottoman Turkish1317162220317.
1111Ivan MonederoMedieval Crown of Aragon30617571521.
1112Richard WoolfordMayan28723172819.
1313Franck CieurIlkhanid Mongol1025192418218.
1314Eric DomanLater Anglo-Irish9231326178.
1315Shaun DrummondSwiss245182091122.
1316Andy EllisOrdonnance French13210182190.
1317Anthony LeroySeljuk Turk2310111231419.
1318Paul LongmoreLater Ottoman Turkish2591516131913.
1919John PatrickSanta Hermandad Nueva Castilian294138281814.
1920Gilles WielgoszLater Ottoman Turkish31272115102521.
2121David CutnerOrdonnance French321206161325.
2122Eric LajusCondotta Italian2726281024314.
2323Salvador Senabre JuncosaCatalan Company1729123031276.
2424Rich LoveFree Company15BYE21322263.
2425Paul RobinsonLater Ottoman Turkish1813292627207.
2626David MorrisonMoldavian or Wallachian52262514243.
2727Dave SaundersOrdonnance French222032252321.
2828Eric ThomsonLater Hungarian123223219296.
2929Kevin EllisSwiss1923253132286.
2930Graham FordhamLater Sicilian11319238324.
3131Craig ByronOrdonnance French2030142923224.
3232Peter CardLater Teutonic Knights211682829300.
UmpireJames Hamilton