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BHGS Challenge 2015 - GBR

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2015-06-20

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  5  1  2  3  4  5 
11Robert TaylorLater Ottoman Turkish35473925.
22Graham EvansWarring States to Western Han Chinese10271412411.
33Dave RuddockLater Hungarian2891011723.
44Terry ShawLater Ottoman Turkish371155225.
55Graham BriggsNorse-Irish3116841120.
66Phil PowellFeudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon181228232112.
77Paul BartlettMedieval Portugese1522136246.
78Marc LunnDailami Dynasties38195241217.
99Martyn SimpsonNeo-Assyrian Empire4032117122.
1010Richard Jeffrey-CookMayan223327169.
1111Peter DalbyYuan Chinese36251232516.
1212Andy EllisPagan Burmese396112812.
1313David BannisterOrdonnance French172039161510.
1414Lee SandersEarly Achaemenid Persian26292153120.
1515Dave HandleyWarring States to Western Han Chinese7324141319.
1616David FairhurstMing Chinese21535131019.
1717Wayne DareLater Hungarian1333299310.
1818Steve MurtonFeudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon6382029328.
1919Lynda FairhurstOrdonnance French34832312917.
2020Bob AmeyPagan Burmese331318213810.
2021Graeme CarrollCatalan Company162692066.
2022Dino MonticoliMamluk Egyptian3273025336.
2323Dave PuttWarring States to Western Han Chinese2710406309.
2424Dave SaundersOrdonnance French253931877.
2525Paul LongmoreLater Ottoman Turkish241133223413.
2526David MorrisonNanzhao14213738275.
2727Harrison PearceOrdonnance French23234102611.
2828Mike UlrichWar of the Roses English334640392.
2929Paul WestmoreAztec301417181920.
3030Gordon JamiesonLater Lithuanian29312239235.
3131Malcolm GordonKofun-Nara Japanese5302419145.
3132Keith Pullen100 Years War English (Continental)221519111819.
3333Richard CaseLatin Greece201725352210.
3434Jon AkersLater Anglo-Irish19282737253.
3535Derek BartlettCondotta Italian1371633360.
3536Kevin EllisLater Anglo-Irish1140387354.
3737Craig ByronFree Company4352634400.
3738Phil JelleyArab Conquest8183626208.
3939John PatrickSamnite12241330288.
4040Peter CardEarly Teutonic Knights9362328373.
UmpireDavid Fairhurst