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Roll Call 2009 - 15mm - Medieval - GBR

Medieval (after 1150AD): Storm of Arrows, Eternal Empire and Swords & Scimitars

Scale: 15mm

Date: 2009-10-24

 Rank  ID  Name  Army  Opponent  Result  Total 
 1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4 
11David FairhurstLater Anglo-Irish1924324.
22Andy Ellis100 Years War English (Continental)6113823.
33Dave RuddockSanta Hermandad Nueva Castilian1678123.
44Paul CumminsOrdonnance French12131525.
55Peter ButlerMedieval Castilian1020949.
66Steve HammondOrdonnance French21519183.
67Robert TaylorSanta Hermandad Nueva Castilian153161022.
88Tim PorterFree Company17113219.
99Ian MacKay100 Years War English (Continental)141051219.
910Graham WillmottSanta Hermandad Nueva Castilian5915711.
1111Wayne DareLater Ottoman Turkish208141614.
1112Charles MasefieldLater Medieval Danish4181790.
1113Steve TreasadenMedieval Cypriot18421525.
1414John PatrickTimurid, Black Sheep Turcoman or White Sheep Turcoman91711206.
1415Steve PriceLater Teutonic Knights7610133.
1616Karsten LohMedieval Crown of Aragon3197112.
1717Matt Standen100 Years War English (Continental)81412196.
1818Nick StandenIlkhanid Mongol13122060.
1919Martin NeilWar of the Roses English1166171.
2020Keith PullenMedieval Welsh11518146.