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These are the rankings for Germany.

The database contains 1409 players from 19 countries and is based on 810 tournaments where a total of 23097 Games have been played. Please refer to the FAQ for further informations.

Country overview for Germany country flag

 #Players  #Games  ø-ELO  Medals 
 Gold  Silver  Bronce  Total 
84 3730 1593.74 80 72 73 225

Rankings for Germany

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 Rank  Name  Country  Games  ELO-score 
1Ferdi AkaltinGermany2172302
2Thomas PetersGermany2801968
3Sven DittmarGermany1261908
4Martin WirtGermany3551889
5Stefan LiedtkeGermany1141875
6Klaus SchütteGermany1011834
7Alex PauschGermany1101798
8Frank BauerGermany941733
9Sebastian RauGermany1501684
10Christopher ErnstGermany1111653
11Sebastian SteudtnerGermany951634
12Michael SchmidtGermany1161619
13Andreas RheinbayGermany1971597
14Tim BlankenhornGermany1681595
15Dirk EichelbergGermany121576
15Olivier TodorovicGermany261576
17Bodo ListnerGermany2191570
18Dominik BraunGermany301526
19Holger PuttkammerGermany961523
20Julian RolingGermany361515
21Manfred BackhausGermany651465
22Steffen SchröderGermany361461
23Christian BielskiGermany411448
24Reinhard BihlerGermany391444
25Tobias ListnerGermany201401
26Andreas GrunwaldGermany841396

All players start with 1600 Points. Depending on his or her results and the opponents skill (i.e. ELO-score) this score then raises or falls. Please refer to the FAQ for further details.