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These are the rankings for France.

The database contains 1407 players from 19 countries and is based on 802 tournaments where a total of 22932 Games have been played. Please refer to the FAQ for further informations.

Country overview for France country flag

 #Players  #Games  ø-ELO  Medals 
 Gold  Silver  Bronce  Total 
125 4946 1613.89 99 96 92 287

Rankings for France

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 Rank  Name  Country  Games  ELO-score 
1Olivier DaderFrance1672130
2Guy DaubagnanFrance802088
3Frederic DufourFrance1662074
4Anthony LeroyFrance1201858
5Edward GerardeauxFrance471855
6Franck CieurFrance1041840
7Olivier MarceauFrance1121839
8Guillaume FrémontFrance1281833
9Christophe ArtusFrance1111815
10Bruno MassonFrance421764
11Jean Marc SibirilFrance1081759
12Marc MerlinFrance751727
13Jacques DestremeauFrance1281721
14Damien CarlierFrance761699
15Fabrice AntierFrance921687
16Gilles WielgoszFrance2151664
17Alexandre ColteFrance1061642
18Eric LajusFrance1741614
19Herve RamonetFrance1111596
20Jean Marie LabardinFrance801515
21Stéphane NorgeotFrance541492
22Xavier PironFrance2341485
23Didier RobertFrance1701463
24Denis MercierFrance1081451
25Marc CaraFrance391419

All players start with 1600 Points. Depending on his or her results and the opponents skill (i.e. ELO-score) this score then raises or falls. Please refer to the FAQ for further details.