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Northern League 2011 - 4th Round - GBR

Maßstab: 15mm

Datum: 18.09.2011

 Rang  Startnr.  Name  Armee  Gegner  Resultat  Gesamt 
 1  2  1  2 
11Phil Steele
Chris Ager
Feudal Castilian, Leonese or Portuguese91823.024.047
22Paul Longmore
Phil Powell
Later Ottoman Turkish181022.021.043
33Dave Ruddock
David Eltringham
Warring States to Western Han Chinese13418.017.035
44Robert TaylorDominate Roman17323.08.031
55Peter Butler
Richard Butler
Later Hungarian111221.08.029
56Chris Proudfoot
Dave Finnegan
Later Seleucid16179.020.029
77Leslie Mitchell
David Redhead
Later Seleucid151316.012.028
88Mike Goss
Colin Betts
Warring States to Western Han Chinese121415.011.026
99Dave Hutchby
David Elks
Later Lithuanian1162.023.025
1010Andy Ellis
Kevin Ellis
1011Roger Greenwood
Alaistair Moore
Free Company5154.019.023
1212Jayne Martin
Andrew Martin
Warring States to Western Han Chinese855.012.017
1313Bob Amey
Chris Thorn
Later Hungarian377.08.015
1314Dave Hoey
Andy McKay
Late Heian to Muromachi Japanese1086.09.015
1315Kevin Johnson
James Hamilton
Dailami Dynasties7119.06.015
1616Martin Stephenson
Graham Hutchinson
Condotta Italian6911.02.013
1717Martin Routh
Andy Wallace
Pacific North-West Culture462.05.07
1818Mike Hood
Neil Duffell
Central Asian City-States213.01.04